The Cirillo project group was established in the early sixties in the Italian-Swiss border with a firm ambition to expand worldwide. This project illustrates the creation of a new type of decorative painting that essentially meets the expectations of demanding customers and which is made in the rules of the traditional Italian art. The launch began in a family circle, with lime-based paints that have been very successful thanks to their quality, strength and especially the choice of colors available. The family business grows over the years. It turns into a diversified group of companies in the form of subsidiaries that illustrate a new era in the evolution of society. The Cirillo project group is made, strong four subsidiaries from the parent company. Leonardopaint the company represents the youngest subsidiary of Cirillo group. Founded in 2011, it has now become one of the most desirable companies in the Mediterranean basin and North Africa. With its technical and human potential, it offers a new image of the company that is more ambitious and perfectly meet the new expectations of consumers and industry professionals.


Team spirit

All employees of the company starting from the top of the hierarchy to the workers engaged in the activities of businesses and created events. This allows a harmony between the team members and provides the opportunity for everyone to present his ideas and enables long-term development within the company as well as a consolidation of the relations between its members.


Employee rights are guaranteed. social security, benefits, evolutionary wage system is managed by our internal policy. Each employee has the right to evolve fairly according to its degree of participation in the evolution of the company.

The responsibility

Leonardopaint introduces the culture of the company. Ethics, safety and respect for others are the heart of our concerns. We support all our employees throughout their careers while their bidders the necessary training and all the conditions for their development.

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