Opt for modern effects at your home!


The decoration of houses either space has to follow the current trends. This also depends on the taste of the people and their orientations. Speaking last trends, LEONARDO PAINT created an exceptional paint which calls back perfectly the texture of the other materials such as the stone and the cement. Modern effects which call back the industrial style and which lend themselves to all the inside thanks to their versatility. Effetto Pietra offers you a pleasant effect of the stone with a harmonious marriage of the colors of the range of the Satin Silver and the Velatura. Other proposed effect is the effetto industriale which allows the decorator to make live his imagination and its creativity. Creativity is offered to you to decorate the walls of your inside of an unequalled delicacy with the warm and metallic colors of the Satin Silver. Effetto Cemento reproduces perfectly the effect of the polished concrete either the cement in all his(her) states. The range of proposed colors extends cold grey tones in warmer and more amber nuances. PETRA is a paint elaborated in the respect for the standards of the environment and allows you to make works of exception in your inside.

ASTRUM or the Celestial Creative Effect !


Leonardo paint, always innovative and creative, offers you a new generation of paint that will satisfy the most demanding customers and who wants to have the best in wall decoration. This new painting is called "ASTRUM". Based on special paste, it allows the painter to create infinity of effects that will offer a spectacular effect in relief as well as a smooth and luminous effect for the decorated piece. With ASTRUM, you can have an effect of veins, bamboo, and infinity of effects that the applicator can realize. The ASTRUM effect is obtained by associating some leading products of the LEONARDO PAINT range such as SATIN SILVER and the product CERA ASTRA. Scintillating colors combined with glamorous reflections to offer you an exceptional decoration at home!