Are you a professional in the field? Are you looking for products of decorative paint with an Italian quality that meet the international requirements? Leonardo Paint is the answer for all your questions!

The advantages of a partnership with LEONARDO PAINT

This partnership offers access to an exclusive range of qualified products for professional use. You can get a complete marketing kit that allows you to enhance your business and increase your benefits.

You will be accompanied by a team of qualified professionals that will help you commercializing your products and answer all your technical questions and any other requests.

In addition you can enjoy an exclusive service offered by the talented Italian architect Mrs. Francesca RAVIDA, she will create you designs for your showrooms and shops.


We arrange courses in order to transmit know-how of our brand. These courses are created for our customers, especially craftsmen that are wishing to improve their skills in the decorative painting application techniques. Leonardopaint courses will allow them to refine their knowledge and to learn the application techniques properly. The cycle of courses depends on the activity of the company, and on the requests received from the professionals of the field.

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